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Shoe Care


Shoe Care

Keep your EIGHTYFOUR shoes out of contact with alcohol, oils, solvents and water, including exposure to rain.

If your shoes become wet, allow them to dry naturally away from any direct source of heat.

Never attempt to clean your shoes with soap or water. You may use leather care products where appropriate, carefully following the instruction information. Prior to use ensure that leather care products are spot tested in an inconspicuous area to test colourfastness.

Always keep your original proof of purchase.

Please note that EIGHTYFOUR has made these recommendations simply as a courtesy to those wishing to care for our products and customers who follow these guidelines are solely responsible for the result, excluding EIGHTYFOUR from any responsibility.

Always store your EIGHTYFOUR shoes in their care bag placed inside the shoebox and out of direct sunlight and heat. Ensure the shoes are well ventilated before storage.

It is only natural for the shape of the shoes to change over time. Not only will your EIGHTYFOUR shoes mould to the shape of your own foot but they may stretch further with extensive wear.

To maintain the shape of your shoes we recommend stuffing the shoes with un-coloured tissue paper or using a shoe tree.

The soles of your EIGHTYFOUR shoes are made from smooth and delicate leather and will therefore be subject to marking upon first wear. This is not a manufacturing defect. It is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.

It is not recommended to walk on any wet surfaces as this may alter the structure of the soles and cause staining to the upper.

The lining of your EIGHTYFOUR shoes is made from smooth leather. You can gently remove surface dirt on the lining of your shoes by using a clean damp cloth to wipe away any impurities. For shoes with suede lining you can use a soft suede brush to gently smooth the pile.

With extensive wear the heel tips of your EIGHTYFOUR shoes may naturally deteriorate. It is recommended to change the heel tips once they start to wear down, before the inner heel begins to show. This is important as having an unstable heel can lead to balancing issues and effect the shape of the entire shoe.

You can change your heel tips at a reputable cobbler.

Calf leather is smooth and strong providing a light and durable upper for your shoes. As with all animal skins, leather will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and the shoes are thoroughly dry before use.

Timeless suede is favoured for its warm, velvety feel and high absorbency of rich colours. It is natural for colour variations to appear due to the rub of the leather. You can gently remove surface dirt and unify the pile of the fabrication by using a soft suede brush. To maintain richness of colour, ensure the shoes are stored in their care bags away from any direct light or heat.

A waterproofing spray may help protect the suede from light water contact. Always spot test products first to ensure colourfastness.

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